Scuba Diving Trip to – Philippines (El Nido/Coron/Apo Reef) – April 2020 - 15 Days

The Philippines has some amazing dive locations and we are including three of these locations is one dive trip. The dive locations have it all from extraordinary coral, some wonderful marine life to some incredible macro life and wreck diving in Coron. This trip will include some of the best dive sites in the world. Diving in this location is amazing and has fantastic variety. We will have 15 days to experience the best diving in this region of the Philippines to include El Nido, Coron and Apo Reef. All fantastic dive locations in their own right but will create an unforgettable experience completing the locations in one trip. As per usual the dates are flexible and divers are more than welcome to join the trip at certain parts if holiday allocation at work is an issue. Just let me know how many days leave you have and we can pick the best part of the trip for you to join us on.


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We will depart London on Tuesday 14 April 2020. We will fly from a London Airport to Manila the capital of the Philippines. We will then transfer from Manila to Puerto Princesa. We will spend a day in Puerto Princesa before travelling to El Nido by road transfer the following day. We will then have 2 days diving in El Nido. After completing the diving in El Nido we will then catch the ferry from El Nido to Coron. In Coron we will then complete diving to include the best wreck diving in the region which is the locations main attraction. We will also be diving in Apo Reef which is another top dive destination in it’s own right. We will have 6 days diving to complete the best dives in Coron and Apo Reef. We will also include Dimakya Island. Once we have completed the diving in Apo Reef we will then fly from Coron to Manila so we can catch the international return flight to London.

We are looking at the following Itinerary and diving:

Tue 14 April 2020 – Day 1 – Depart London for Manila, Philippines
Wed 15 April 2020 – Day 2 – Arrive Manila and transfer by way of internal flight to Puerto Princesa
Thu 16 April 2020 – Day 3 – Spend day in Puerto Princesa sightseeing or full day diving
Fri 17 April 2020 – Day 4 – Travel to El Nido by road transfer
Sat 18 April 2020 – Day 5 – Diving in El Nido – (3 dives)
Sun 19 April 2020 – Day 6 – Diving in El Nido – (3 dives)
Mon 20 April 2020 – Day 7 – Transfer from El Nido to Coron by Ferry
Tue 21 April 2020 – Day 8 – Diving in Dimakya Island
Wed 22 April 2020 – Day 9 – Diving in Coron (Wreck Diving)
Thu 23 April 2020 – Day 10 – Diving in Coron (Wreck Diving)
Fri 24 April 2020 – Day 11 – Diving in Apo Reef
Sat 25 April 2020 – Day 12 – Diving in Apo Reef
Sun 26 April 2020 – Day 13 – Diving in Apo Reef
Mon 27 April 2020 – Rest Day prior to departure flight
Tue 28 April 2020 – Flight to Manila and then flight to London

The above basic package would not include any equipment rental requirements or national park fees. The trip is totally flexible and you may want to add additional days at Coron/Apo reef if required or we are also flexible so divers with less work holiday allowance can join part of the trip for example Coron and Apo Reef diving for example.

We have arranged accommodation in Puerto Princesa, El Nido and at a fantastic resort in Coron with access to Apo Reef.

As a result the overall package cost is likely to be in the region of £1,250.00 without flights.

The flights from London to Manila are in the region of £550.00 with either Thai Airways or Cathay Pacific. Both good airlines. We will also need at least 2 ferries during the trip but they have been included within the budget for the trip.

Considering we are diving 3 different locations in the Philippines within 1 trip the overall cost is very reasonable.

The diving will have great variety. Coron is famous for the many WW2 wrecks and is a must dive location on all divers lists. El Nido and Apo Reef has some amazing reef/coral diving.

Apo Reef is considered to be the world’s 2nd largest single coral reef and the Philippines’ largest atoll, Apo Reef Natural Park (ARNP) sits in the middle of Mindoro Strait between Coron, Palawan and Occidental Mindoro. It is part of the small town of Sablayan. Frequently called “mini Tubbataha”, this site is a pelagic haven for divers seeking larger marine creatures like white tip sharks, gray reek sharks, hammerheads, manta rays, schools of jacks, barracudas, tunas to name a few. There is also a shallow wreck usually done for check out dives.

If you are interested in this trip then RSVP and email your interest to me at [email protected] You can also become a member of this site and I will keep you informed of all future events and dive trips.

El Nido Dive Sites
South Miniloc – This is El Nido’s most famous dive site for good reason. Colourful, shallow water coral gardens combined with turtles, schooling big-eye snappers, yellow tail barracuda and smaller schools of chevron barracuda make this a memorable site.

North Rock – Located near the center of Bacuit Bay, this is an awesome spot for passing pelagics. You’ll find a mix of topographies from swim throughs to massive rock cleaning stations and huge table corals. Highlights include schooling jacks, barracuda, big eye jacks and the occasional blacktip reef shark/

Dilumacad Tunnel – This 35 metre / 115 foot long tunnel was discovered in the early 1990’s. Starting at 12 metres / 40 feet, with a memorial plate at the entrance, the tunnel has a sandy bottom and several ceiling holes. The tunnel gradually narrows towards the exit. It’s a stunning dive for experienced divers.

Entalula – Depending on whether you dive the spectacular 35 metre / 115 foot wall or the stunning coral garden and sloping reef, this dive site never fails to impress. From schooling fish through to lazy turtles, marble rays, passing reef sharks and occasional eagle rays this colourful spot showcases the marine biodiversity of El Nido.

Nat Nat – An absolute must for macro photographers and critter hunters. This coral reef and sandy patched dive site is home to seahorses, hermit crabs and a plethora of crabs and nudibranch including Spanish dancers. This site really comes to life after the sun sets so night diving here is recommended.

Apo Reef & Coron
Morazan Maru – Also known as the ‘Olympia’, this passenger cargo vessel was built in 1907 and later commandeered for WWI by the British. She was captured by the Japanese who utilised her in WWII. At just under 100 metres / 330 feet, the cargo holds are empty but the steel boilers in the engine room are still intact. The large cargo holds and engine room make this a suitable wreck for newly certified or experienced PADI Wreck Divers.

Iraku Maru – Lying at between 30-45 metres and 100-150 feet, this wreck offers several routes according to experience level. Look out for the tornado of schooling jacks just off the wreck as well as snapper, groupers, barracuda and lionfish above the deck.

7 Islands Reef – Also known as ‘Siete Picados’, this protected wreck is a thriving living reef which is teeming with a variety of reef fish and critters. Look into crevices and shaded areas for nudibranch, flatworms, eels, lionfish, scorpionfish and camouflaged bottom dwellers. Other highlights include schooling barracuda, groupers, batfish and sweetlips.

Barracuda Lake – Out of Coron Island’s seven lakes, this is one of the only two which can be visited. Experience the oil-on-water appearance of a halocline where two different densities of water meet. The thermal layers in the lake sit at around 14-18 metres / 46-60 feet and the temperature differences are up to 10 degrees Celsius between layers. This is a geologically intriguing dive with dramatic scenery.

Okikawa Maru – Also known as ‘Tai Ei Maru’, this is one of Coron’s shallower wrecks with the main deck at 16 metres / 52 feet and the deepest point at 26 metres / 85 feet. This 160 metre / 525 foot long wreck is encrusted in coral and home to a high density of critters and nudibranch. Look out for large schools of snapper, sweetlips, batfish and barracuda.

You can also see the trip on our meetup page where you can also RSVP.

Day 1
Tue 14 April 2020 - Depart London to Manila

We will depart London airport for Manila with either Thai Airlines or Cathay Pacific.

Day 2
Wed 15 April 2020 - Arrive Manila transfer to Puerto Princesa

We will arrive in Manila in the morning before transferring to Puerto Princesa by way of internal flight. We will then check in to our accommodation in the evening.

Day 3
Thur 16 April 2020 - Day in Puerto Princesa

We have the option of either the first day of diving in Puerto Princesa or sightseeing and beach time to recover from the previous travel.

Day 4
Fri 17 April 2020 - Travel to El Nido

We will travel to El Nido by road transfer. We will then check in to our accommodation in El Nido.

Day 5
Sat 18 April 2020 - Dive Day 1 in El Nido

First day diving in El Nido. We will be looking at 3 dives per day in El Nido..

Day 6
Sun 19 April 2020 - Dive Day 2 in El Nido

Second day diving in El Nido. We will be looking at 3 days diving.

Day 7
Mon 20 April 2020 - Ferry from El Nido to Coron

We will catch the ferry from El Nido to Coron. We will then check into accommodation at Coron.

Day 8
Tue 21 April 2020 - Dive Day 1 in Coron/Apo reef - Dimakya Island

We will be diving in Dimakya Island in Coron.

Day 9
Wed 22 April 2020 - Dive Day 2 in Coron/Apo reef

We will be diving in Coron to include the WW2 wrecks.

Day 10
Thu 23 April 2020 - Dive Day 3 in Coron/Apo reef

We will be diving in Coron to include the WW2 wrecks.

Day 11
Fri 24 April 2020 - Dive Day 4 in Coron/Apo reef

We will be diving in Apo Reef.

Day 12
Sat 25 April 2020 - Dive Day 5 in Coron/Apo reef

We will be diving in Apo Reef.

Day 13
Sun 26 April 2020 - Dive Day 6 in Coron/Apo reef

We will be diving in Apo Reef.

Day 14
Mon 27 April 2020 - Rest day prior to flying in Coron

This will be a rest day prior to flying the next day back to London.

Day 15
Tue 28 April 2020 - Flight from Coron to Manila and then Manila to London

We will be transferring to Manila from Coron and then returning to London.

What's Included in Estimated Costs

  • Accommodation
  • Basic Diving Packages
  • Ferry transfer costs
  • Road transfer cost

What's not Included in Estimated Costs

  • Return Flights from London to Manila
  • One Way flight from Manila to Puerto Princesa
  • Supplements at dive centers
  • Scuba Diving Equipment rental if required
  • National Park Fees

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Scuba Diving Trip to – Philippines (El Nido/Coron/Apo Reef) – April 2020
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